Friday, 3 November 2017

Heyyyy, Its my first official blogpost in PARIHHHHHHH. High key excited. Okay so I have had an amazing first month here so far. School is lit, new friends are amazing, city is beautiful. It is still kind of unreal that I live here. Anywaysssss, I have had the opportunity to connect with a lot of other creatives. My photographer Clemens Klenk is one of those people. He's just amazing to work with and he is now one of my favorite people in the world. Anywho, we met up and decided to work together because he is awesome. Duh, and we work really well together, I will put his link below so you can see how good he is. So most of you know my is identity is black outfits or just dark in general, I cant get away from it. Well today, I might as well have styled Janelle Monae with this fit because it screams her name and you know I love me some Janelle Monae. Anyways, and see if you like. Feel free to comment and share and all that cool stuff k? k. See you next time.

Top- Bershka || Pants - Topshop || Fanny Pack - Forever 21 || Shoes - Lacoste || Belt - HNM

Photographer - Clemens Klenk 
4 comments on "MonoChrome"
  1. Paris must be so amazing! I'm in love with those pleated pants and the way you wrapped the belt. I'm also a huge fan of just wearing all black, but there's nothing wrong with that lol ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  2. I love how you styled this outfit,especially the fanny pack. I hope Parih treats you well. A toast to more friends and adventures.


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