Wednesday, 22 November 2017
Hey hey, Happy November.....yeah I know, I am working on my posting regularly. But Im trying, I am doing an MBA which does not give me enough time to really do shit. Although I am thankful that I met Clemens (my photographer) because he always calls me up like "get your ass up lets shoot bro". He is amazing. 

Well Today's post is not my best but I love my outfit. I was pretty sick on this day, you can not see it but I thought I was going to die but I had to do one for you guys. So I have this little obsession with FILA and I really want to work with them one day and I am a big fan of Fanny Packs and I love how they are coming back in style, also the amount I wear Bershka, I think its time for them to do a collaboration with me haha. Anyways my blogging ethic is quite different from a lot of bloggers, I just type whats on my mind and I wear very practical outfits which I know a lot of girls would love and Its also easy to access. You are welcome haha. Jokes. Oh and I cut my hair, some of you know that already. 

These side-stripe are the new trend, If you go to Bershka they have them in all colours and styles and I think I have about 6 of these now and I absolutely love them and I think everyone should have one in their wardrobe. 

Top - HnM Men 
Side stripe pants - Bershka 
Fanny Pack - FILA
Shoes - Vans Classic 
Trench Coat - Forever21 

Check out my photographer's website Clemens Klenk 

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