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Monday, 4 December 2017

Heyyyyyy guys, Its almost my birthdayyyy!!! december 7th. I am a little bit obsessed with my birthday because why not ? This post has been a long time coming. The amount of school work I have to do doesnt give me time to really post anything. 

Anyways todays look is thrifted. Was walking down Le Marais one day and I was looking for a shop called Kilo and when I found it I wasn't really impressed, but low and behold across the street was this beautiful thrift shop. I literally found my whole outfit there apart from the fanny pack and the sweatshirt. 

I know what is going through your mind.... Isn't Paris cold? Yes sis, yes it is. But this particular day wasn't as cold as the wilderness we are living in now. So I could get away with it. 

And you already know who took the photos. Mr Clemens Klenk, my fave. 

Top - Hnm || Sweatpants - NafNaf (thrifted) || Fanny pack - Forever21 || Shoes - Converse (thrifted) || Coat - Thrifter || Shades - My girl Misi 

Have a lovely week goyzz... xxx

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