All black

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Hi guys its me again. I have come to make another appearance. Haha. 
Whats been going on with my blog readers and all? I hope you all have been great 
You all know how much i love black clothing. Well, here i am again. Today I am wearing a crop top and choker which i made by myself and a Balmain inspired skirt and my cute booties. Will put the details below. Its summer and i really wanted to wear these booties so i paired them with something short. Kylie inspired haha

Bodysuit - DIY 
Skirt - Hnm
Booties - Linzi 
Choker - DIY 
Jewellery - HnM

Photos taken by @ROMEOSHAGBA on IG 

See you soon 
Love, X 
2 comments on "All black"
  1. Feels like it's yesterday, taking photos in front of Kingston Uni huh?:) looking good as always. Miss you Mona. Forever Yours.

  2. Could you make a blog on how you made the choker?, you look fabulous as always. Thank you


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