Still a Secret: Orange x RS

Friday, 29 April 2016
OMG Its been 2 months since i last posted. Ok let me tell you why (because i know my followers are tired of my excuses). I moved to Nigeria, internet is shit, i lost motivation for a while, i wanted to take a break and just get to know my self.. Blah blah blah.

I low key missed doing this and i am so happy to be back. When i first moved back i asked my friends and followers to recommend some great photographers in Nigeria and most directed me to Romeo Shagba (will put details below). I immediately took a liking to him because he was more of a creative person than a wedding photographer like most in Abuja now. So we linked up and made some magic and now i feel like he's the only one i want to work with.

We did 3 different outfits. This was the first of the day. Many people do not know that i actually LOVE orange clothing. I have a bunch of orange outfits in my closet. I decided to shoot this outfit barefooted because of the boho vibe i got from it and honestly just felt it looked better without shoes. Check more photos below... Like, comment, share and let me know what you think. See you next time <3

 Top- Topshop // Pants - Topshop // Jewellery - Topshop

Hair - @Hartlandbeautysupply 
Photographer - @ROMEOSHAGBA

Make sure you check them out on IG 

Love, X

3 comments on "Still a Secret: Orange x RS"
  1. Woow, you look fabulous! Love your style, you got really great blog!


  2. Awesome photos. Love your outfit so much x

  3. The styling and photos are so gorgeous, love how the orange looks on the model
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